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Identity Provider


In this guide we're going to learn how to add an identity provider to a StarTree Cloud account. You will need to have created an organization and user.

StarTree Cloud supports GitHub, GCP and OIDC (Ex: OKTA) as identity providers. The identity provider is used to secure access to an environment.

From the organizations screen, click the Identity Providers tab and then Create identity provider in the top right. You will see the following screen:

Select Identity ProviderSelect Identity Provider

Select your preferred identity provider and then generate the credentials by following the instructions below.

After selecting the Github identity provider, you'll see the following screen:

Select GitHub as Identity ProviderSelect GitHub as Identity Provider

On a new browser tab, navigate to the Register a new OAuth application page. You should see the following:

Register OAuth application Register OAuth application

Choose an application name. Now, type into the Homepage URL field and http://identity.<env>.<org> into the Authorization callback URL field.

Click Register application.

You will now be redirected to a page that describes your OAuth application.

Copy Client ID and paste it into the Client Id field on the StarTree Cloud UI. Now click on the Generate a new client secret button, copy the generated secret, and paste it into the Client Secret field on the StarTree Cloud UI. Finally, enter your Organization name and click on Create.

Your identity provider has now been created.