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Enterprise only

Compares current value to the value predicted by a naive model. The naive model is an average/median/percentile of historical values. The upper/lower bounds interval can be computed with an absolute or a percentage rule.


"targetProperty": "current": The data on which to perform detection.


namedescriptiondefault value
component.intervalsMethodMethod to compute intervals. In PERCENTAGE, ABSOLUTE.
component.sensitivityDetection sensitivity. Eg with PERCENTAGE, set 50 for a 50% percentage change threshold.
component.lookbackPeriodHistorical period to use for training. In ISO-8601 (opens in a new tab) format. Requires component.monitoringGranularity, see shared parameters. Eg: P14D.
component.offsetsA list of offsets in ISO-8601 format to use as baseline. Eg [P7D, P14D] will compare the current value to the aggregation of the values of the 2 previous weeks.[P7D]
component.aggregationThe aggregation function to use to combine historical values. In MEDIAN, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX and any of PCTXXXXX eg PCT05 (5th percentile), PCT95, PCT999 (99.9th percentile).AVERAGE

offsets and lookbackPeriod must be compatible. Eg if offsets is [P7D, P14D] then lookbackPeriod should be at least P14D.


  "name": "root",
  "type": "AnomalyDetector",
  "params": {
    "component.intervalsMethod": "ABSOLUTE",
    "component.sensitivity": "200",  # detect if abs(current-predicted)>200
    "component.lookbackPeriod": "P28D",
    "component.offsets": ["P7D", "P14D", "P21D", "P28D"],
    "component.aggregation": "MEDIAN"
  "inputs": [
    {   # current data
      "targetProperty": "current",
      "sourcePlanNode": "currentData",
      "sourceProperty": "currentOutput"