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Adds an IMPACT label to an anomaly if the sum of the differences between predictions and observed values on a window containing the anomaly is less than a given threshold. Intuitively, it is the sum of impacts in the last n points.


The info source is the output of the detector. Labels are applied to the anomalies of this input.

  "sourcePlanNode": "anomalyDetector"


namedescriptiondefault value
component.thresholdIf the sum of anomalies impact is below this threshold, label the anomaly.-1 (special value - no threshold)
component.windowWindow to compute the impact. In ISO-8601 (opens in a new tab) format.
component.impactComputationMethodMethod to compute the impact. STANDARD_AREA or ABSOLUTE_AREA. See below.STANDARD_AREA
component.monitoringGranularityGranularity of the timeseries in ISO-8601 (opens in a new tab) format. Should be same value as in the detector configuration.


    impact = sum(actual-expected) on the window
    impact = sum(abs(actual-expected)) on the window


  "name": "root",
  "type": "PostProcessor",
  "params": {
    "type": "IMPACT",
    "component.ignore": "true",
    "component.monitoringGranularity": "PT1H",
    "component.impactComputationMethod": "STANDARD_AREA",
    "component.window": "PT12H",
    # anomaly can be ignored if the sum of the impacts in the last 12 hours is less than 500
    "component.threshold": "500"
  "inputs": [
      "sourcePlanNode": "anomalyDetector"