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Sample Datasets

Sample Datasets

StarTree Cloud comes with some sample datasets that you can use to evaluate Apache Pinot if you don't have your own data to use.

Select Dataset

Click Use Sample Data and then Simple Website under the Which data do you want to use? heading:

Simple Website Dataset


Now click NEXT.


You'll now see the review and submit screen, where you can review the dataset before importing it.

Review Data Source Review Data Source

If you want to choose a different sample dataset, click on the PREV button to go back to the previous screen.

Once you're ready to create the data source, click on the FINISH button. You'll then see the following screen:

Data Source Created Data Source Created

Query Data Source

To have a look at the data that we've imported, click on the Query Console link, which will open the Pinot Data Explorer (opens in a new tab). Click on the table name that you used (we use the name anomalies in this guide) and then click RUN QUERY to run a basic query against the data source:

Query simple Data Source Query simple Data Source

Below are some other queries that you can run against this dataset:

select sum(views)
from simple

Total views

select count(*)
from simple 
WHERE hoursSinceEpoch > 770500

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