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StarTree Cloud FAQs

Q: What is the configuration of the workspace look like in terms of storage, compute, and other configurations?
A: Storage 10 GB, queries per second (QPS) 1000 for 30-days trial period. Contact us to extend or expand your trial or purchase.

Q: Is the 30-day trial suitable for production workloads?
A: We do not recommend the trial version for production workloads.

Q: How many trials I can create?
A: You can create as many trials as possible per email address. However, you can create only one workspace for SaaS and one workspace for BYOC.

Q:What is an organization?
A: StarTree Cloud consists of multiple tenants that represent unique organizations. An organization is the root entity of the StarTree Cloud tenancy model. Each organization has its own billing details and reports. Users are members of organizations and may be allowed to create StarTree workspaces (SaaS or BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) under it ).
A user can exist in multiple organizations at any given time.

What is a workspace?
A: Users in an organization may create as many workspaces as permitted by their organization's cloud subscription. For the 30-days trial, users can create one SaaS workspace per environment.