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Visualize data with Grafana

Visualize data with Grafana

Monitor the performance of your StarTree Cloud instance of Apache Pinot with pre-built Grafana dashboards. Access metrics and dashboards for CPU, memory, and disk performance, as well as Pinot component specifics, like minions, servers, and controllers.

  1. Log into StarTree Cloud.
  2. Click the organization and then workspace you want to view monitoring metrics for.
  3. Click the Services tab.
  4. Click the Grafana link.
  5. Click Dashboards from the left navigation menu.
  6. Choose from the list of pre-built dashboards:
    • Cert Manager
    • Certificates Expiration (X509 Certificate Exporter)
    • Data Manager
    • JVM
    • Kubernetes/Compute Resources/Namespace (Pods)
    • Kubernetes/Compute Resources/Node (Pod)
    • Kubernetes/Compute Resources/Pod
    • Kubernetes Resources
    • Pinot - Broker - Parameterized
    • Pinot Controllers
    • Pinot Minion Tasks
    • Pinot Minions
    • Pinot Servers
    • Pinot Zookeeper
    • ThirdEye
    • ThirdEye Central Dashboard
    • Total Provisioned Capacity
    • Write Service
  7. You can also create custom Grafana dashboards from scratch using the available Pinot monitoring metrics. For details, see Create dashboard (opens in a new tab) and Monitoring metrics (opens in a new tab).