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StarTree Swag Store

The StarTree Swag Store is Live!

We want you to share knowledge, consult, and contribute to the Apache Pinot community, as that's what a community’s all about. And if you do, you can earn swag!

How do I earn swag?

You can earn swag by doing the actions described in the table below:

ActionEarningsHow to track submission
Picture with StarTree or Pinot swag on LinkedIn and Twitter5 coinsSend URL link to
Publish a Blog Post (on ST website or personal blog)

(if published on 3rd party blog, such as KDNuggets, TowardsDataScience)

If included in newsletter (ex, Data Engineering weekly)
40 coins

+20 coins

+20 coins
Send blog post link to
Submit to speak at a conference10 coinsForward submission confirmation email to
Accepted and confirmed to speak at a conference60 coinsForward acceptance email to
Speak at a podcast, webinar, meetup40 coinsSend URL to

Don't forget to share any actions with us so that we can update the number of coins that you've earned.

How do I get my swag?

You can get your swag by following the instructions below:

  • Click here and you’ll be redirected to the brand new swag store.
  • Login with your work email, and within seconds a code will be generated and sent to your email.
  • Fill in the code on the site, select your desired swag, and it will be send to your shipment address.

The more you contribute, the more swag you get.

Contribute > Have an impact > Get your swag > Repeat 💙