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Compares current time series to a baseline. If the absolute change is above a certain threshold, detect it as an anomaly.


"targetProperty": "current": The data on which to perform detection.

"targetProperty": "baseline": The data to use as a baseline.

The inputs should have the same size.


namedescriptiondefault value
component.absoluteChangeThe absolute change threshold. If the absolute change when compared to the baseline is above this threshold, detect an anomaly.
component.patternDetect as an anomaly if the metric drop, rise or both directions. UP, DOWN, UP_OR_DOWN.UP_OR_DOWN


  "name": "root",
  "type": "AnomalyDetector",
  "params": {
    "type": "ABSOLUTE_CHANGE",
    "component.absoluteChange": "150",
    "component.offset": "DOWN",
    ...  # shared parameters
  "inputs": [
    {    # baseline data
      "targetProperty": "baseline",               
      "sourcePlanNode": "baselineDataFetcher",
      "sourceProperty": "baselineOutput"
    {    # current data
      "targetProperty": "current",                
      "sourcePlanNode": "currentDataFetcher",
      "sourceProperty": "currentOutput"