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Derived metric alerts

ThirdEye supports monitoring derived metrics. StarTree templates are directly compatible with derived metrics, but a piece of configuration is required for root-cause analysis (RCA) to work.

Here is an example of monitoring the 95th percentile of the difference of 2 metrics met1 and met2, with the startree-threshold-percentile template:


You must have StarTree templates installed and up to date to use this template.


  "name": "derived-metric-95-percentile-threshold",
  "description": "Monitor 95th percentile of met1-met2 with threshold alert.",
  "template": {
    "name": "startree-threshold-percentile"
  "templateProperties": {
    "dataSource": "yourDatasource",
    "dataset": "yourDataset",
    "monitoringGranularity": "P1D",
    "min": "1000",
    "max": "2500",
    "aggregationFunction": "PERCENTILETDIGEST",
    "aggregationParameter": "95",
    "aggregationColumn": "met2-met1",
    "rcaAggregationFunction": "PCT95"
  "cron": "0 0 0 1/1 * ? *"



  • aggregationFunction calls the Pinot PERCENTILETDIGEST (opens in a new tab) function
  • aggregationParameter is the second parameter of the function. It sets the percentile to 95.
  • aggregationColumn contains the derived metric.
  • rcaAggregationFunction sets the RCA aggregation function. It binds to aggregationFunction in the alert configuration. PCT95 corresponds to 95th percentile. The set of aggregation functions is limited. For more detail, see Aggregation functions. RCA would not work without this configuration. It is necessary because the derived metric is not registered in ThirdEye, so no default aggregation function is available.