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Connect Superset to StarTree Cloud

Connect Superset to StarTree Cloud

How to Install Superset


To allow Superset to work, Python 3 is required. You must also have pinotdb and postgres installed on your device. To install pinotdb, run pip3 install pinotdb. For postgres, install by running pip3 install postgres.

Start Superset with Docker Image

Start running Superset Image (opens in a new tab) with pre-built Superset Pinot connector.

  1. Run below command to start a standalone Superset deployment
docker run \
--name=superset \
-p 8088:8088 \
-d apachepinot/pinot-superset:latest
  1. (First time) Setup Admin account by running below command and follow instructions to set password.
docker exec -it superset superset fab create-admin \
				--username admin \
				--firstname Superset \
				--lastname Admin \
				--email \
				--password admin
  1. (First time) DB upgrade and Initialize Superset
docker exec -it superset superset db upgrade
docker exec -it superset superset init
  1. Import Pre-defined Pinot Datasources and Dashboard
docker exec \
-t superset \
bash -c 'superset import_datasources -p /etc/examples/pinot/pinot_example_datasource_quickstart.yaml && \
superset import_dashboards -p /etc/examples/pinot/pinot_example_dashboard.json'
  1. Go to SuperSet UI: http://localhost:8088/ (opens in a new tab) to play around with dashboard.

Connecting to SuperSet using Apache Pinot

This guide will show you how to connect to Superset using Apache Pinot.

In Superset, click the + button, hover over Data, and select Connect database.


Next, click on the Supported Databases dropdown, then select Other.

Superset uses the following URL syntax when asking for your SQLALCHEMY URI:


For example:


Follow the doc to generate a API token and credentials.

For example:


And the username and password are:

username = 4cefb8480f8f4a7886a5c9da1056a7b5

password = yYGUYlWPUiNNN46nFZcOo3aTOqICP2aAk1qxT5B8AJQ=

Copy your username and password and enter the parameters into your URL like the example below:


Now that you have your URL, click Apache Pinot and enter your SQLALCHEMY URI in the above format.

Test the connection to ensure the URI works, then click Connect.