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Install Pinot

In this guide you'll learn how to install Apache Pinot on your local machine.

Pinot can be installed directly on your machine from a binary file or using the Brew package manager. It is also available via Docker. Instructions for each option are described below:

With Docker

  1. To install Docker, see Get Docker (opens in a new tab).
  2. To pull the Docker image onto your machine, run the following command:
   docker pull apachepinot/pinot:1.0.0

With Brew

Pinot can also be installed on Mac OS using the Brew package manager. For instructions on installing Brew, see the Brew documentation (opens in a new tab).

brew install pinot

With Launcher Scripts

Download the latest binary release from (opens in a new tab) or run the following command from the terminal:

Download Pinot

Pinot requires JDK11 or higher (JDK16 is not yet supported).

Once you have the tar file:

Untar it
tar -zxvf apache-pinot-$PINOT_VERSION-bin.tar.gz
Navigate to directory containing launcher scripts
cd apache-pinot-$PINOT_VERSION-bin

Next Steps

You've now got Pinot installed on your machine and the next step is to try it out.

  • To see an example of all the Pinot components running in a single process with a pre-loaded dataset, see the Quickstart guide.
  • To create a local cluster, with each Pinot component running separately, see the Create Cluster guide.