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Install Pinot


In this guide you'll learn how to install Apache Pinot on your local machine.

Pinot can be installed directly on your machine from a binary file or using the Brew package manager. It is also available via Docker. Instructions for each option are described below:

With Docker

Install Docker by following the instructions on Once you've done that, you can pull the Docker image onto your machine by running the following command:

docker pull apachepinot/pinot:0.12.0

Or if you're using a Mac M1, add the -arm64 suffix:

docker pull apachepinot/pinot:0.12.0-arm64

With Brew

Pinot can also be installed on Mac OS using the Brew package manager. For instructions on installing Brew, see the Brew documentation.

brew install pinot

With Launcher Scripts

Download the latest binary release from or run the following command from the terminal:

Download Pinot

Pinot requires JDK11 or higher (JDK16 is not yet supported).

Once you have the tar file:

Untar it
tar -zxvf apache-pinot-$PINOT_VERSION-bin.tar.gz
Navigate to directory containing launcher scripts
cd apache-pinot-$PINOT_VERSION-bin

Next Steps

You've now got Pinot installed on your machine and the next step is to try it out.

  • To see an example of all the Pinot components running in a single process with a pre-loaded dataset, see the Quick Start guide.
  • To create a local cluster, with each Pinot component running separately, see the Create Cluster guide.