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Release Version 0.6.1: Apr 2023

Apache Pinot

  • HLL and Theta Aggregation support in star-tree index and Merge/Rollup
  • API to track the status/progress of segment rebalance
  • Pinot Spark 3 Connector
  • Bug fixes, metric improvement query performance improvement (both single-stage and multi-stage query engines)

StarTree Extensions for Apache Pinot: Available only in StarTree Cloud

  • Tiered storage performance improvement

StarTree Cloud - includes BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) and SaaS

  • EKS upgrade to Kubernetes version 1.23.
  • S3 bucket versioning is turned ON by default along with a lifecycle policy to expire all non-current object versions after 5 days.
  • Profiles (S,M,L) for prometheus and automated remote-write configuration

Data Manager: Self-Service Ingestion tool

  • BigQuery SQL ingestion improvements:
    • Support for only ‘dataset’ level access instead of requiring access to the entire ‘project’
    • Support for BigQuery specific lexical policies such as hyphens.
    • Support to read UNION type by extracting a non-null child field and using it as the schema.
    • New Data Manager usage metrics used for centralized monitoring.

ThirdEye: Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis Tool