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StarTree data security

StarTree data security

StarTree takes the security of customer data and its own data seriously. This includes securing devices, networks, and systems.

StarTree has implemented features in the following areas to protect data.

Authentication and authorization

  • Controlled access on all company assets, using the principle of least privilege
  • Strong password requirements
  • Dedicated customer instances with controlled access


  • AES disk encryption for data at rest
  • SSL/TLS for data encryption in transit
  • Support for encryption options in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)


  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions
  • Monitoring, including for file integrity
  • Intrusion detection
  • Firewalls

Audit trails and data loss prevention

  • Logging
  • Offsite backups
  • Regular updates to operating system and application software
  • Testing and peer review and approval prior to pushing changes to production

Your real-time analytics data is stored in your Apache Pinot cluster. Depending on your account, this could be running in StarTree Cloud or in your own cloud account for BYOC deployments.

Configuration details and access management secrets are stored in secure locations. Sensitive data is encrypted.