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Q1, 2022Q2, 2022Q3, 2022Q4, 2022 +
Data ConnectivityConnect to Real-time data (Powered by Apache Pinot)
Detection algorithmStatistical detection models (Holtwinter)Pluggable detectors: Thirdeye prophet pluginPluggable detectors: Thirdeye + tensorflow/torch serve.
AutoRegressive models (Example: ARIMA, Random Forest, ML Models, Powered by Python)
Alerts and NotificationSelf-serve advanced alert config (low code).
Notifications: Email, Webhook
Alert config using alert templates (no code).
Notifications: Slack.
Notifications: PagerDuty
Interactive root-cause analysisSelf-serve UI with Interactive root-cause analysis.
Anomaly email report & Dimension drills.
Correlated Metrics & Events
Self-serve UISelf serve UI to
- Configure datasources
- Create aggregated metrics (no code)
- Configure alerts and notifications.
Monitor and analyze anomalies
Guided user experience (in-app guide)User facing analytics (In-app usage insights)Customized landing page + intuitive dashboards
Coverage of query connectorsConnector: Snowflake, RedshiftConnector: BigQuery