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Dataset Manager


In this guide we're going to learn how to use the StarTree Dataset Manager. You should have created an an environment, as described in the getting started with StarTree Cloud guides.

The Dataset Manager is a UI that makes it easy to get data into a StarTree Cloud cluster.

You can access the Dataset manager by navigating to the StarTree Dataset Manager from the environment page. You will then see the following screen:

Dataset ManagerDataset Manager

How to guide

Click Add new dataset. You will then see the following screen:

Enter a name for the dataset.

Choose data source

Choose data source


Once you've done that, you can either choose one of the sample datasets by clicking Use Sample Data or specify where your own data is located. To use your own data, click Provide My Own Data, and then see the following guides:

  1. Upload a file
  2. Kafka
  3. S3