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StarTree Pinot Auth API


This is an alpha feature only for new StarTree Self Serve trial users. StarTree support team continues to be the prefered point of contact for existing customers to get help.

Go to your workspace


Go to services


Click on your Pinot cluster name. Then there is a tab called Pinot API token


In that page you can create a new Pinot API token


Copy the token to the clipboard and test the swagger API with it. Add "Basic keyword and space" in the beginning og the token and then use it in Swagger API "Authorization" button or in curl command as part of "--header 'Authorization: " parameter

Sample curl command - curl --location --request GET '' \ --header 'Authorization: Basic NGNlZmI4NDgwZjhmNGE3ODg2YTVjOWRhMTA1NmE3YjU6eVlHVVlsV1BVaU5OTjQ2bkZaY09vM2FUT3FJQ1AyYUFrMXF4VDVCOEFKUT0='

In order to use the token in SuperSet, the following instructions can be followed:
The syntax is as follows:




You will need to use to convert the "Pinot API token" to "my-user:my-password" format, copy the decode value and pass it on as part of the above URL. E.g. NGNlZmI4NDgwZjhmNGE3ODg2YTVjOWRhMTA1NmE3YjU6eVlHVVlsV1BVaU5OTjQ2bkZaY09vM2FUT3FJQ1AyYUFrMXF4VDVCOEFKUT0= is base64 decoded to 4cefb8480f8f4a7886a5c9da1056a7b5:yYGUYlWPUiNNN46nFZcOo3aTOqICP2aAk1qxT5B8AJQ=, so the username is 4cefb8480f8f4a7886a5c9da1056a7b5 and the password is yYGUYlWPUiNNN46nFZcOo3aTOqICP2aAk1qxT5B8AJQ=

Here is how you can use swagger to test if it the API is working for you correctly


Successful operations after executing you will get a list of users in JSON format.