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StarTree ThirdEye Product Features: Community vs Enterprise Edition

Features in ThirdEyeStarTree ThirdEye (Community Edition)StarTree ThirdEye (Enterprise Edition)
All the UI/UX (self-serve features)YesYes
Swagger UI to access ThirdEye APIsYesYes
Data and KPI Onboarding
Data sources connectivity (manual)YesYes
Data sources (auto connect Apache Pinot with advanced UI and ease of use)NoYes
Pluggable data sources (Apache Pinot)YesYes
Pluggable data sources (Amazon DynamoDB, BigQuery)No (write your own)Yes (Future roadmap)
Dataset onboardingYes (manual)Yes (Automated and complete data reload, future roadmap)
Onboard metrics from Pinot to ThirdEyeYesYes
Alert Configuration and Notifications
Alert configuration (JSON code)YesYes
Alert configuration using alert templates (low code) (Basic detection algorithms)YesYes
Alert configuration using alert templates (low code) (Advanced detection algorithms)NoYes
Auto onboard pre-configured alert templates with existing detection techniques (no code UI)NoYes
Manage alert severityNoYes (Future roadmap)
Dimension exploration (Dimension level anomaly detection)NoYes
Alert suppressorNoYes (Future roadmap)
Notifications (Email/Webhook/Slack)Yes (Only email supported)Yes (Slack and webhook not supported)
Anomaly detection and algorithms
Anomaly detection ( StarTree ETS (Advanced Holtwinters) statistical model, StarTree Matrix, Top contributors recommender (Identify what to monitor))NoYes
Anomaly detection (Holiday prediction model)NoYes
Anomaly detection (Pluggable detectors: Thirdeye prophet plugin, Thirdeye + tensorflow/torch serve)No (write your own)Yes (future roadmap)
HTTP API Detector (bring your own model and algos)NoYes
Missing data identifierNoYes (Future roadmap)
Anomalies (Basic Chart/Graph)YesYes
Advanced anomaly filters for improved accuracyNoYes
Root-cause Analysis and Investigations
RCA/Anomaly Analysis (Simple algorithms)YesYes
RCA/Anomaly Analysis (Complex algorithms)NoYes
Automated data insights and plotting anomalies in the reportsNoYes (Future roadmap)