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This dataset contains events from the GitHub Events API. The Events API return different types of events triggered by activity on GitHub.

Let's start by having a look at what these events look like:


Now we'll count the types of events that we have


The most common events are push events, which represent pushes to repository branches or tags. The next most popular events represent creation of tags or branches and then pull requests.

Next we'll have a look at the most popular repositories. The following query shows the repositories that have the most commits:


Try changing the query to order by changedFiles or comments.

We can also drill down into a specific repository and run a query that uses filter clauses for aggregates to count the number of each event type in the same query, as shown below:


Try changing the query to use a different repository. You could use one of the repositories returned by the most popular repository query, for example odoo/odoo or md-akhi/php-src.