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Connect a Data source

Currently it supports connecting with Apache Pinot. To connect to other data sources please reach out to StarTree

To connect with StarTree Extensions, Pinot SQL and Pinot please use the following links:

Once you have connected to a datasource, the existing metrics will be automatically created in the instance.

Additionally, the datasets and new metrics can be created before creating alerts.


Create Dataset:

  • Click on Create
  • Onboard Dataset
  • Type the “Name of the Dataset”
  • “Name of the Datasource” (you can find in the data source configuration)
  • Click Next and Finish

Onboard dataset

(This is an optional step) Create Metric:

  • Click on Create
  • Create Metric
  • Enter “Name of the metric”
  • Type Aggregate Function like Sum and Avg.
  • Select dataset name from the drop-down to which the metrics belong to
  • Enter “Threshold” if needed or else leave as is
  • Click Next and Finish

Create Metric