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Alert templates

Creating alerts can take time.
You can make an alert detection logic configurable, and reuse it in multiple alerts with alert templates.

Create a template:

Click on Create → Create Alert Template.
Create your template. The json schema is the same as the template field in an alert. See alert configuration.
Add a name and a description.
Use properties in format ${myProperty} where you want the detection logic to be configurable.
These properties will be set by the alert using the template.

Use the template

Click on Create → Create Alert.
In the template field of the alert put the name of the template you wish to use.
Set the required properties in templateProperties.

Your alert is now using the template.


Most of the time, the template creation process looks like this:

  • Create an alert - experiment, make sure it works fine and validate it can be reused for similar problems.
  • Copy the template of the alert inside an alert template.
  • Add a name and a description to the template. Save.
  • Reuse the alert