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Pinot Connectors Specifications

Below we have a specification table of all features within the StarTree Cloud. We also identify if the feature has Apache Pinot Operational Support Systems, the availability status, and if the feature is UI based self-serve.

Features in StarTree CloudApache Pinot OSSAvailability StatusUI based self-serve
Real-Time Ingestion
Amazon KinesisYesBetaNo
Amazon MSKYesGAYes
Self-Hosted KafkaYesGAYes
Confluent CloudYesGAYes
Apache PulsarYesBetaNo
Google PubSubNoBetaNo
Write API (VPC Peering)NoBetaNo
Batch Ingestion
Amazon S3YesGAYes
Google Cloud StorageYesBetaNo
Azure Data Lake StorageYesBetaNo
SQL Ingestion
Big QueryNoBetaNo
Ingestion Features
Real-Time Upsert (Kafka)YesGAYes
JSON Schema Registry (Confluent Cloud)NoBetaYes
Kafka 2-way SSL and SASL /PLAINNoBetaN/A
Filtering supportYesGANo
Data ModelingNoGAYes
Data TransformationsYesGAYes
Real-Time DeduplicationNoBetaNo
Batch SyncNoBetaNo
Out of the box IAM role based S3 ingestionNoBetaYes