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StarTree Cloud SaaS FAQs

Q: What is the configuration of the workspace look like in terms of storage, compute, and other configurations?
A: Storage 10 GB, QPS 1000 for 30 days trial period. Call us if you need to extend or expand your trial or purchase.

Q: Is this suitable for Production workloads?
A: The trial version wont be suitable for production workloads. However, you can always buy or make a purchase and convert trial to StarTree Cloud (production). The StarTree team will take care of upgrading the trial instance to StarTree Cloud (production) without any work from your side.

Q: Can I manage my workspace? What can I do in my workspace?
A: Yes you can manage your workspace. To learn how to use your workspace, see the how to guide.

Q: How many trials I can create?
A: You can create as many trials as possible per email id. However, you can create only one workspace for SaaS and one workspace for BYOC.

Q: How can I upgrade or extend my trial?
A: Contact us here for upgrading or extending to trial Link.