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How to guide for running "Quick Start Project" in AWS

This guide will help you get up and running with the StarTree ThirdEye Community Edition on a AWS EC2 environment in a few minutes.


To refer to complete guide to StarTree ThirdEye Community Edition, visit: Link

This guide will cover

  • Step-1: Launch an EC2 instance (t2.xlarge) using the Ubuntu Server 18.04 AMI
  • Step-2: SSH into machine
  • Step-3: Follow all the instrunctions from "Prerequisites" listed here

Step-1: Launch an EC2 instance (t2.xlarge) using the Ubuntu Server 18.04 AMI

We will first have to launch an EC2 instance on the AWS console. We will be using the t2.xlarge instance. This will cost you approximately 0.70 USD in the Asia-Pacific (Singapore) region for the 3 hours it takes to complete this guide.

Proceed to the EC2 Instances page and click on the Launch Instances button


Then choose the t2.xlarge instance. We want a minimum of 3 vCPUs for single node Minikube cluster since it is serving as both control plane and worker. t2.xlarge has 4 vCPUs and 16 GB of RAM.


In the next screen: Configure Instance Details, there is no need to change anything. We will not need to assign an IAM role our EC2 instance since it will not be using other AWS resources such as S3.

Click on “Next: Add Storage”


In “Step 4: Add Storage”, make sure there is at least 20 GiB of storage and the Volume Type is General Purpose SSD.


This next step is optional but useful for tracking costs in AWS billing. You can add tags in the from of key-value pairs. Add two tags: Name=MinikubeCluster and Application=Minikube


Next you will configure a security group so that only traffic originating from your IP is allowed to reach your EC2 instance.

First click on “Create a new security group”, then select All traffic and choose My IP as the source.


Finally, we reach the Review Instance Launch screen. Verify that the settings are correct and click on the Launch button.


You will be asked to select an existing key pair or create a new one. This key pair is necessary to create an SSH connection to your EC2 instance. If you do not understand what a key pair is, see this guide.

Click on Launch Instances to start initializing the EC2 instance.


It may take a few minutes for your EC2 instance to change to the Running state.


Step-2: SSH into machine in AWS

Run this command to SSH to your machine in AWS

ssh -i <private-key-file> ubuntu@<public-ip-address>

Step-3: Install Quick Start Guide for StarTree Community Edition

Follow all the instrunctions from "Prerequisites" listed here