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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I play “StarTree Community Edition”?

A: Watch this video to learn how to install StarTree Community Edition or follow this documentation for step by step instructions to install StarTree Community Edition.

Q: How do I get updates?

A: Once you have installed StarTree Community Edition using helm charts, StarTree Engineers will continue to update normally.

Q: Does the StarTree Community Edition have its own website?

A: You can find StarTree Community Edition resources here: link

Q: Where do I report a bug?

A: Please join our community Slack channel and report an issue.

Q: Why Now?

A: This process of StarTree Community Edition began nearly a year ago just following StarTree’s Series A. During that time we have worked with Apache Pinot OSS Community users to not only continue development but implement the systems and logistics needed to make this process sustainable and manageable through continued partnerships with our community.

Q: How does this affect various unofficial patches that have been circulating?

A: One of the StarTree Community Edition developers’ goals was to incorporate every fix possible, from all the unofficial patches those were aware of. These previous community “patches” were incomplete and needed to be reviewed and combined. Moving forward, any issues can be reported on the StarTree Community Slack Channel link.

Q: How do I provide feedback?

A: Please contact us with your bugs, and feedback on the StarTree Community Slack Channel link.