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StarTree Community Edition is a framework for continued, community-led, development, ease of use, and faster time to value of Apache Pinot and StarTree ThirdEye (Community Edition).

The founders of StarTree, who founded Apache Pinot at LinkedIn, felt the need to create StarTree community in order to serve the Pinot community better and bring valuable and on-demand features to the market faster. At the same time, StarTree is committed to making Pinot easy to use for enterprises.

What is StarTree Community Edition?

Current StarTree Community Edition includes community editions of Apache Pinot and StarTree ThirdEye.

Apache Pinot is a real-time distributed OLAP datastore, purpose-built to provide ultra-low-latency analytics at extremely high throughput. StarTree ThirdEye is anomaly detection, monitoring, and interactive root-cause analysis platform built for data, product analytics, and business operations teams. It helps identify and predict anomalous behavior in real-time in rapidly changing massive time-series data, based on historical patterns that are impossible to track manually.

The future editions will include Apache Pinot extensions (Operators, Minion support, Tiered Storage etc).

Different ways to evaluate StarTree features and why StarTree Community Edition?

StarTree has built features on top of Apache Pinot (OSS) which can be used for building real-time analytics applications for industry-wide use cases.

StarTree features can be evaluated in the following ways:

  • Apache Pinot (Open Source)
    • Includes basic Apache Pinot features.
    • Build, test and deploy on your own.
    • Get up and running, building amazing real-time analytics applications for a multitude of use cases.
  • StarTree Community Edition (Free)
    • Downloadable, fully tested, and ready-to-use packaged solution.
    • Includes StarTree ThirdEye (Community Edition) for advanced no-code data management and anomaly detection capabilities. In the future, it will include Apache Pinot extensions (Pinot Operators, Tiered Storage) and plugins (GCP Pub/Sub).
    • It can be used under StarTree Community License Agreement link. Does not require security evaluations to try it on your data.
  • StarTree Self-serve Trials (Free)
    • Includes all premium features of StarTree.
    • Fully-managed, real-time analytics environment with premium features required for production, with the flexibility to choose your deployment model - you can Bring-Your-Own Cloud (BYOC) or choose our SaaS option.
    • Agree to terms & conditions to try it on your data. Note: For production use we recommend using StarTree Cloud (BYOC/SaaS).

Here is a comparison of different evaluation options: link

Benefits of using StarTree Community Edition

  • It includes helm charts to pull thoroughly tested and stabilized builds of docker images. Without community edition, if you are building on your own you have to build your docker images and make it work. This will be extremely time-consuming. In addition, the distribution becomes a pain.
  • It helps you to quickly validate the StarTree offerings such as StarTree ThirdEye, in future Apache Pinot extensions (Pinot Operators, Tiered Storage) and Plugins (GCP Pub/Sub).
  • It has support from the passionate StarTree Community of talented developers.
  • It includes more features and better documentation including videos.

Note: You can not use the code to build commercial applications. For licensing, terms, and conditions please visit

How to install StarTree Community Edition?

Have questions about StarTree Community Edition?

Please join our community Slack channel, or engage with us on Twitter at StarTree.

Looking forward

StarTree’s long-term goal is to continue expanding the Apache Pinot extensions for Community users to quickly learn and expand while ensuring that the StarTree Community Edition stays stable.

In addition to StarTree ThirdEye, we have lots of exciting features coming out as part of StarTree Community Edition such as Pinot Operators, Minion support, Tiered Storage, Plugins (GCP Pub/Sub) and many more exciting features which are currently unavailable in Apache Pinot Open Source.

StarTree team is developing these features based on the experience and learnings from industry-wide use cases, listening to on-demand needs and common pain points faced by OSS users of Apache Pinot.