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Manage Holiday Effects with StarTree ETS

Some StarTree ThirdEye models can learn the impact of special events like holidays. Here is an example configuration.

"name": "pageviews-ets-with-holiday",
"description": "",
"template": {
"name": "startree-ets"
"templateProperties": {
"dataSource": "pinot",
"dataset": "pageviews",
"aggregationFunction": "sum",
"seasonalityPeriod": "P7D",
"lookback": "P90D",
"monitoringGranularity": "P1D",
"sensitivity": "3",
"aggregationColumn": "views",
"eventSqlFilter": "'US' member of dimensionMap['countryCode']",
"eventTypes": [
"cron": "0 0 5 ? * * *"

The eventSqlFilter and eventTypes are described here.

Compatible templates


For templates that cannot learn the effect of holidays, it is possible to use a filter to ignore anomalies that happen during special events.
Use the optional parameters:

"templateProperties": {
"eventFilterIgnore": true,
"eventFilterSqlFilter": "",
"eventFilterTypes": [],
"eventFilterBeforeHolidayMargin": "P0D",
"eventFilterAfterHolidayMargin": "P0D"